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John Shebesta

Multiple bugs...software corrupted?

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Today my C4D R20.059 on my mac started glitching in multiple ways.

First the display of textures wasn’t performing correctly. The colors in the front (and all non-perspective) view windows was acting erratically:


Then all of a sudden the perspective display would no longer allow me to rotate. And was glitching into exaggerated scale displays:



I assumed the file was corrupted in some way and tried to open an old version (still corrupted), and move the objects by copy and paste into a new project file (still corrupted). But now the perspective lock persists in any new file I create, even after restarting my computer.

This feels like something has broken in my C4D. And in 15 years of using C4D I’ve never encountered a bizarre problem like this infecting the whole program. Any suggestions. I know issues like this in Adobe can be fixed by deleting preferences.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated!

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For start, deleting prefs and updating graphics drivers should resolve issue like those.

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