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Help trying to create "energy blast" FX?

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The first image that I attached is what I've come up with in cinema using a bunch of lights set to visible, but it's not really what I want. What I'd like is sort of a mixture between image 3 and image 4. I want the nice bulbous glowing part of image 3 but with some of the "flare" of image 4. I'd like to do this in cinema and not in post production if at all possible since I'd like to have it flying around in 3 dimensions and passing near the camera at one point. I'd like to hear any and all ideas you might have for creating this, I'll play around with all of the ideas I get and see what I can get.





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Yeah, the trouble is, without TFD or XParticles, so much of what you are trying to achieve is not really possible within regular Cinema, or not without hours and hours of tests and experiments, none of which are guaranteed to find an acceptable result, though you may get lucky if you have the hours to throw at it.


But really, the only thing you need from Cinema is the basic position of the blast as it moves, so IMO you really are best off creating a simple visible light, and maybe some particles (or whatever you can achieve with Standard or TP), and then bouncing that out to AFX for the addition of all the glows, flares, bells and whistles that will make this eventually look like a decent energy blast. If you could upgrade to R21 you would at least have field forces and the volume mesher to play with which might open more possibilities, but other than that - you just gotta accept Cinema needs help with this kind of thing.



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my first thought, and attempt, was trying to use a cone that I applied an alpha mask to with some noise. it kinda worked, but looked bad. I did not, however, try actually making the object or material emit light other than simply ticking the illumination channel. I know it's possible to use an object as a light, but before I start digging into it more is it even possible to use a material as a light? If that were possible and I could apply some visible light to a texture that has an animated noise map as alpha to make it look like moving plasma.


my issue with doing it in after effects is that I want it to look genuinely 3 dimensional, instead of just a flat looking ball of light. i do have an older version of after effects, but I just don't recall being able to make anything that looked 3 dimensional.

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1 hour ago, Tinkertoy said:

is it even possible to use a material as a light?


Yes, the luminance channel is all about that. Combined with either GI (for true light) or used with glows that could be of use...



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If you get the geometry right you can use the 2D UVW that comes from the geometry of the object.  From that you would hand animate the different particles, alpha, and colors changing over time.  This would take some talent to pull off or a lot of time.  In art a lot of time spent can make up for decades of practicing art.


For something like image 4 I see 3 layers of geometry.  One on the top with all the steamers.  One under that with the streaks and one under that with the glowy bit.  The glowy bit probably does not have to be hand animated.  The others might if you can't find a procedural that can satisfy your artistic vision.

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