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Floppy bit attached to subd charactr

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So, what is the usual practice when you have a subd character, essentially solid, that has a floppy bit of his body?

Specifically, the "gobbler" of a turkey: the bit of floppy flesh that hangs over his/her beak.

It'd be great if it interacted automatically correctly with the motion of the head and the surface of the beak, ie no interpenetration.

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First thing is there are normally multiple ways to get to the desired effect so your find at times there isnt "The way" but a way to get there.  In this case for a bit of movement in the flesh the Jiggle deformer is often used.  


What you do is make sure you have a vertex map made for the area you wish to giggle, then add the jiggle deformer under the skin tag so the joints takes priority over the whole mesh movement.

Add the vertex map to the restrictions field box to control where the effect will apply.


Second way is to use dynamic joints, this is handy for long hanging geometry like hair, then there is softbody dynamics.





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