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Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals - 2019

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4 hours ago, bezo said:

Allegorithmic offer...

Discount on subscription (since no longer offers perpetual licencies /except STEAM offer), but there is also lowered prices for updates/maintenances of current perpetual licence holders (Substance Designer, Substance Painter), so it´s good to not miss that 🙂



I heard Substance Designer and Substance Painter will be part inside Adobe Creative Cloud soon? Is there any chance this becomes true?

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2 hours ago, madmellow said:

Is there any chance this becomes true?


Nobody knows. Maybe, but not while Adobe can still milk money out of it. Possibly they will gather enough tools to have a separate 3D Creative Cloud subscription which will include Substance.


While we are on the subject, I see Adobe have billed me for another year of Substance, over a week before my sub ended and didnt even send me an email to tell me! So I have been billed full price for a year's sub just before the Black Friday sale! Cheeky mfs.


If one buys the $50 maintenance upgrade for Painter and Designer, this cant be converted to a permanent licence can it? I would have to cancel my subscription, pay the $49 conversion fee, then also pay the $50 maintenance fee to get next years upgrades, is that correct?

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