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Andrew Kidd

Contoured look and intensity

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My C4D education is pieced together from online forums and tutorials, but I am stumbled by this image, so thought I would ask here:

Any idea how you could achieve this contoured look? You can see the lines get intense at the junctures between shapes creating a morphed look. 

I doubt it is traditional C4D contours, maybe it is a simple gradient texture of black & white lines,  but with  noise displacement? or could it be Sketch & Toon?

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance



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If I had to guess I would say this looks like a very hi res plane, viewed from above, with 2 stacked displacers giving the bulgy undulations.

If you used UV mapping on the plane then a very fine U-grid of lines in the luminance channel might behave like that when displaced ?

Unless they've used XParticles or whatever to move a whole ton of particles across the surface and then traced them, which might also work.



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If I hit success I will upload. Probably a dirty word here but I have found Grasshopper components that produce the same effect. Its just I prefer using C4d as its more fun!

Many thanks for responding.


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