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Olly Venning

Horse pulling cart - constraint?

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HI all. I'm trying to make an animation with a horse pulling a cart, and I need to add some basic articulation. Nothing complex, (don't even need the wheels turning on an axle) - I just need that kind of delay you'd expect, as the horses follow a path for the carriage to follow slightly after; as if on a hinge.

Would anyone be able to advise the best method for this? I'm guessing it's a constraint? I haven't really delved into the world of constraints yet, so if that is the way forward, I'd really appreciate any pointers!

Thanks in advance, much appreciated 🙂 

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Hopefully I understand fully what you are after, and that is some delay in movement?


You can use parent constraint with reduced strength as in example


As far as wheels go, there is a wheel rig in my file pit:





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