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Volumetric question: hot, then not

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In this file, as the butterfly mesh emerges from the emitter it seems to have a VERY bright volumetric light associated w/it, which soon fades.

My noob guess is that the light is due to the Luminance of the material, but why don't the older butterflies emit light so intensely?

(Entire scene attached)  (I altered the bitmap to make it fit on the forum- it may need to be relinked.  There's only one in there....)



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That is behaving as I would expect - stuff gets fractionally dimmer the further away it gets from the light source, mitigated by the near 100% amount of luminance you have mixed in, but entirely overridden and blown out by the glow settings which are inverted and way too powerful. Try 150% inner, and 0% outer glow and a slightly bigger radius for nicer results.

I would also dial down luminance and light strength. Not sure if you intend for the light to be inverse volumetric - meaning each butterfly casts a 'shadow' of light which is opposite to what a butterfly would do, glowing, luminant or not. But that might be exactly the effect you want.



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