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How to have cloth avoid a specific area?

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Hi again all! I've got a request to make a cloth cape for a character with dynamic movement. I need to figure out how to make a plane fall utilizing the force of gravity to cloak the figure (like the old ghost-under-a-sheet), but to have the cloth  avoid specific areas as well as a means of belting the material AFTER it's fallen into place. A good visual reference would be Dr. Strange's cape. It's still a fluid moving cloth object that moves with the character....but starts as a plane. Any help would be great.


Windows 7 Ultimate
C4d r20 Studio
AMD 32 core Ryzen
Dual RTX 2080 ti cards

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44 minutes ago, munkittrick said:

but to have the cloth  avoid specific areas

I'd normally do that with 'ghost colliders' ; objects or shapes that don't render but still collide cloth...


No idea how you'd make it fall into place then be belted though. Hopefully someone else will...




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I think that I might have just accidentally figured it out utilizing a fields effector and a pose morph pose. Thanks so much for the input.


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