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Where to learn quadruped rigging?

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Hi all,

I've been watching as many videos as I can on the character object and rigging in C4D, but I keep running into the same problem: I just don't understand where to put the control points, or a strong workflow for how to get there.  When I switch to a quadruped rig, it gets even more confusing.  


Basically, I'm looking for an explanation that walks through and says "you need to scale or move this element so that this dot is placed where the head sits on the spine."  Or something like that.


Any recs?

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I found this quite helpful, though granted it's a fish rig, not a quadruped...



The biggest rule is to keep all the dots inside the mesh. The second one is that most component points should be moved to the rotation point of where the physical joints on the real thing would be, hopefully as indicated by your mesh in the case of quadruped legs, which are the most confusing bit. If you google some reference vids of horses running in slow-mo you should be able to see which joints are where and where they rotate from. hovering over adjustment points should tell you their names, which are also helpful in determining which dot is which joint.





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Hi, like with anything else in c4d, you need to start rigging a basic model and learn from your mistakes. the principles for rigging 2,4 or 8 limbs are the same. you will not always find a tutorial that will cover all aspects of character object rigging. first create just the rig with no mesh, then use the controllers to see how it animates the limbs joints. This will give you an indication of where the joints are and the scale of the character.

Good luck.

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