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Cable following an object


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I've attached and example of what I'm trying to achieve.  The red object moves along the x axis and has a cable attached to it, then other end of the cable is attached to a stationary object which is blue.  I've tried using spline dynamics, but the results are not exactly what I'm looking for.


Any ideas how i could better refine this?  I kinda need it to move in one motion as I've set up a control for the movement of the red piece so that will be driving the dynamics.  I had thought of using a bunch of nulls in a tracer object but that would require hand animating the movement each time.





cable movement c4d cafe.c4d

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For this kind of animations (cables, pneumatic hoses) I was used in the past simple xpresso setup based on positions of elements, but everything others was dependent on hierarchies.

Animations of pneumatic hoses needs to be more-less rigid, so applying some dynamics not looks realistic.

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