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need shadow 2 appear when close 2 object

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Hi there,


I have a bunch of pingpong balls falling, and when I used the hdri studio from GSG with the seemless floor turned on, I get nice soft shadows on the ground and you really only see them when the balls are about 3 -4 inches above the ground, which is what I want.


But I want to composite these balls onto a white background in After Effects, so I turned off the floor in the studio rig, and just made a plane with the shadow catcher shader applied.


This is fine and works except the shadows appear the whole time, so if the balls are falling from 10 feet up you see the shadows on the ground way before they hit.


What would be the best way to mimic the "soft shadows when close to the floor" look I was getting?


thanks for any tips.




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I think maybe the GSG rig is using ambient occlusion instead of actual shadows, tho I only have the old one so I couldn't say for sure. But that would have the effect that you describe.





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