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Specifying Spline Primitive Point Counts

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(Man the title fields are short on this forum.)

I thought if I set INTERMEDIATE POINTS to UNIFORM for a spline circle, making it editable ("c") would result in a specific # of points in an editable, albeit currently circular, spline.


So, if one needs a specific number of points in a Spline, especially the default regular spline types (eg, a Rectangle with 8 points), how does one go about that task?

(FWIW, using the "n-Side" Spline Object and switching the points to Soft Interpolation seems the winning move right now....BUT the question still stands.)

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In the case of a circle spline, that is why there is an nside as well. All other spline primitives contain only the points required to describe their shapes, and that is not changeable except in the case of the helix. Uniform interpolation also does let you choose amount of sub points, though these won't be visible or editable until you CStO the spline. It works like subdivision does on polygons. So if you have a 'circle' defined by just 4 points, then setting that to uniform / 1 will give you an 8 sided circle.


In the case of editable splines the regular tools are enough to add additional points wherever you want them. There's also MoSpline, which can exactly match the shape of a source spline but with a more definable point count.


See below, where I have made my mospline have 12 points independent of its source circle which has many more...





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Another way could be using standard primitives (since not always is needed circle spline). Adding disc/plane with segment count/width/heigth , conversion to editable, selecting border edge loop and command "edge to spline".


Btw, When used Uniform/Natural intermediate points, parameter Number means point count between original points. If spline with none intermediate points is created with 4 original points, every other number will increase pointcount by formula :


   ( 4 + (Number * 4)           // 4 original points + intermediate point count between each spline segment


So, number 0 means 4 points only   

       number 1 means 8 points             

       number 2 means 12 points

       number 3 means 16 points


     and with every iteration add 4 to total circle point count


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