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Blinking/Highlighting parts

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Hi everybody!

could you be so kind as to suggest me a way to have an effect like the minute 10:15 of this video?


I've tried with some colored lights but is isn't the same effect...


Thanks in advance! 🙂

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One way... I would render a short animation that covers just the area you need. Use a Compositing Tag and assign each object an ID. You could give each group their own ID, i.e. 1, 2 and 3. Turn on Multi-Pass and add three Object Buffers and assign the same numbers. You can now render masks for just those objects. With these masks in AE, you can ad these clips on top of that section of your video, drop a solid color and use your mask as a Luma Matte. Then play with the transparency, layer mode, etc. to get the look you want.

There are other ways too,, but this seems to be the least complicated method to my brain. Try not to always think you need to get an effect in the one rendering. You will box yourself in that way. If your client comes back and says "Did I say blue? Sorry, I meant red." You would likely need to re-render instead of changing the color layer in AE and be done.

Let me/us know if you need further explanation.

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Another way to go would be to make a specific x-ray style shader in Cinema (usually consisting mainly of an inverted fresnel in the luminance channel), apply to the elements you need highlighted, render those separately and combine that with the masks suggested above in post.


That way you get a slightly more detailed and unique look to the overlays.



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If I've understood well in both cases it's a post production job, right?

I hope to remember to write you the results when i will finish the editing! 🤣🤣🤣


Thanks for the moment!!!



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