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Traversing Joint hierarchy in 3d view

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In the OM you can traverse the hierarchy using the arrow keys.

But AFAICS you cannot do so in the 3D view.

If there were a way, workflow might be enhanced as you tweak a bone chain.  I can see that there would be issues at branch roots (in a downward direction) but for links on a single chain it would be worthwhile.

Is there a way?

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Corrected spelling in keywords / replaced deprecated term 'bones'.

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That sounds similar to the tree walking functions I just covered in my Python:Spoonfed tutorial. Not quite the same, but I guess it would make a worthwhile next lesson?


I assume you'd want to put that functionality on keyboard shortcuts (maybe J~<up> etc). The ambiguity of several child joints could be solved by a menu that is shown in that case.


Unless, of course, someone has a better / native solution?


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