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Pekka Varis

Assign a simple texture

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I am trying to make a tablet. This is my sceen / a box with rounded corners and then scaled down in Y to make it flat.

How can I assign a 16:9 ratio hdtv image on it? See my attached image please. What ever mapping method I use, I just can´t get it right..

Very stupid question sorry. I come from lightwave 3d, this was a simple thing..


maping texture.png

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In my example is applied texture to polyselection (if you need texture only on screen of tablet) Is applied cubic projection, rotated and scaled in texture mode (see pictures)

You can set different projection display to better see how will texture be placed...

Ofcourse, could be used also different modes of pojection (with different setings)



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bezo already provided a nicely explained solution.

I'd just like to throw some additional tools into the mix.

If you rightclick the texture tag, there're the commands "Fit to Object" and "Fit to Image".
Not as sophisticated, but I often use these as a starter and just tweak the scaling afterwards. With a separate plane object of correct aspect ratio for the screen, these may already be all you need.


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Likewise, if you have the CV Toolbox there are routines in there for importing planes pre-sized to images or the other way round.



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Theres a third method: Select the polygons you want the texture to be on, open the UV-Editor and scale the polygons to max size of the UV space. You might have to rotate the UV's or mirror them in some cases. That's how I always do it.

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