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Working with one license

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Hi c4dcafe,


Wondering if anyone can enlighten me?


Is it possible to have a copy of C4D on workstation rendering while working on another workstation with one license r21?

Before I would leave something rendering at home while I went into the office to work on another workstation. Did they take this away from us?


Can this be achieved with TeamRender? If so please explain.


Any help is much appreciated.





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In r20 I would often render on my workstation and keep working on my laptop - which worked well (as long as the wifi was turned off so they werent on the same network).

I found this incredibly useful, but reaslise that its not structly allowable in terms of the licence. 


In r21 this is no longer possible unfortunately. There has to be a single running copy linked to the the licence server (which I loathe).

As a solo freelancer, the chance of me buying a second licence is precisely nil -  so MAXON will not make extra money form this. They will just make my workflow more clunky.


That said, it is still possible to use a 2nd machine to render while you keep working using team render. You just need to make sure that the render machine is running the C4D render client instead of the full version. But how this would work using a computer on a different network (as in your case) is beyone me.

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Use the Team Render Server to initiate a render, instead of the full version. Since the TRS is a different license from the full version, you can run that on a different machine in a different network (you just need to ensure that both instances can get their licenses from mymaxon).

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