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GUIDE: C4D r21 on Windows 7/8

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Guys, as a huge disliker of Win 10, perpetual never ending updates, bloatware, spyware and all the rest of Redmond fun, I preffer to stay on old trusty sysytems as Win 7. And now the support for C4D was officially dropped.

But unofficially... 😄


DISCLAIMER: I work on pretty much fully updated Windows 8.1. If you're on Windows 7 some additional updates might be needed, at least make sure you're on SP1.
If you have problems, post below.

Download an official installer.
Install Microsoft Application Verifier https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20028
Add C4D setup there, uncheck "basic", dig into "compatibility" and check "HighVersionLie", RMB on that select "Properties", type in there:

Major version: 10;
Minor version: 0;
Build number: 18362 (latest currently available).

Save. Start the installation



I also have a workaround for AE 2019 (not 2020 sadly) but I doubt it's up to this forum. But if you ask...


And, MAXON, I do wish, even considering you most probably won't re-visit your decision to drop Win7 support, let us to use this hack in next releases please! Win 7 is still the only choice for 40% of users, it's the only trusty Windows out there yet, as well as MacOS 12/13. I don't want even touch Mojave, not speaking of horrendous Catalina 😄

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Just pay a couple of bucks for Stardock's excellent Start 10 app. https://www.stardock.com/products/start10/


This makes Windows 10 look and behave like Windows 7/8. One advantage of running Windows 10 is you don't need a paid 3rd party anti-virus app. The built in anti-virus is quite capable (according to reviews).

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  • I use Start8 on 8.1 quite happily, but not the start menu is what bothers me, many more things are quite distracting, such as short support time (even for ltsb release), bloatware flooding services and autostart and collecting quite a lot of my information I don't want to share with anybody, constant updates installing in the most unwanted moments and breaking many things, ruining speed/stability, inconsistency of the ui/ux, settings which are buried somewhere or disappear even (system administrators cry here) and so on...

    Yeah, there are workarounds, but I don't want to mess with all that bs as long as I can

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