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Material & light behaving badly

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I have several surfaces with the same cel material applied, right next to each other at the same angle, with one light in the scene. 

The shadows differ from one plane to the next, and the base color differs from shape to shape as well. I've attached a still illustration to point at some of the offending objects & colors, as well as the c4d file. Does anyone know why this single material differs so much on different shapes?






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I just took a look at it.

I'm not sure why this happens, but it's at least related to your material. This doesn't happen with other basic materials. Looking at the models, you have some awful normal-orientations there so I would start fixing that first. Wrongly oriented normals can have an effect on how an object / material renders.

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By the way; finally solved this problem. After aligning and reversing most of the normals, it still wasn't working. I finally figured out that it was the phong angle! Most of the edges in this were filleted and rounded, and only with a very low angle number (between 1 and 5) did the material display consistently.

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