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n00b: Opposite of "Melt"?

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I inadvertently joined two polys in a mirror-type situation, and I'll be d*mned if I can figure out how to split them back apart.

Ideally, it would be a simple "UnMelt" -type operation where I'd select the shared Edge, execute the command, and new independent points would be generated.

(And it was days ago, so Undo won't do.)

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I am not totaly sure what exactly you need. Can you be more precise? Maybe Connect Points/Edges is one command you could use. This is my go to tool to create new Edges or Points.

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Your looking for the (Disconnect tool) found in the mesh/commands menu.  First select half your model or the area you wish to disconnect, then use the tool. The two parts may seem they are together but they are not, you can now freely move the selected half away if you wanted.  You could at this point also use the (Split) tool then delete the selected polygons from the original object.  Your now have two separate meshes.



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