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RSMB blur Vector Pass Error?

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Hi There,


I'm animation camera which is moving over a highway. For this I'm using the multipass, so I can adjust the amount of blur with the RSMB plugin.


But there i'm getting some bugs... When rendering I'm getting this result:



ON the bottom you can see some strange colours, and also some black parts, which RSMB the result is terrible... 


What I'm I doing wrong? Is it the clipping of the camera? of other settings? Please help?






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@dijklarg I opened up your scene and noticed your Plane is nested inside two Nulls - the top one being the Object that has your keyframes applied. My thinking is that C4D's Motion Vector pass is not registering any motion because technically the Null is the thing that is moving, not the Plane.


I removed your Plane from the Null hierarchy, applied the keyframes directly to it, then rendered out the sequence and started seeing much better results.


Additionally, you should also form a habit of tweaking your Motion Scale setting (under the Option Render Settings tab) for every render utilizing the Motion Vector pass. I lowered your Motion Scale to 10 and got a better Vector Pass to work with. This basically gives C4D a better idea of how large or small the moving objects in your scene are. Think about it like adjusting min/max threshold.


Lastly, when you bring everything into AE and start applying RSMB Pro Vectors, you can lower the Max Displace setting if the motion blur looks a bit wonky. It's worth noting that you also have Scale settings in RSMB that you can use to tweak your Motion Scale even further if you find you didn't get great results right out of C4D.


Hopefully this helps - Good luck!

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  • many thanks @shibby!


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