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Seamilar 3

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Seamilar 2 is nearing a 3-year development birthday, having reached version 2.9 and with over 26000 views (see here) I guess it's time to turn the page, and start a new topic.

I will refrain from going through the details again, but for the time being my main development version of Cinema 4D will be R20. With support for earlier releases, back to R16. As well as the latest R21 release. Both Windows and macOS are supported, for as long as possible.



I will be looking into providing a final maintenance release as version 2.9x before jumping into designing its sequel: Seamilar 3

More news to follow ...



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Thanks for info Daniel, it´s hard to believe Seamilar is there almost for 3 years.


...time goes by like crazy...

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  • On 11/26/2019 at 4:36 PM, bezo said:

    it´s hard to believe Seamilar is there almost for 3 years.


    I agree. Didn't expect this plugin to exist for so long, before being overruled by the updates in the native UV tools. It seems MAXON is finally ready to provide updated tools, looking at the recent tweet from the CEO. Looking forward to what these UV updates might be. Hope that these don't introduce even more issues than what MAXON did with the new GUI.

    Anyway, Seamilar has turned 3 earlier this month, maybe it's time for a new name for next version? The first and second iteration of the plugin were heavily based on the "seam" part of the unwrapping story. Hence the plugin's name.
    With the next version we'll focus more on the editing part of the story. Not neglecting the already available tools from the current version, but extending them. Adding more possibilities. Making it easier to use. Changing the small things that have a large impact.

    My only wish is that by then MAXON has fixed the issues in R21, so every plugin at least behaves as it does in previous releases.


    Anyway, let the new name roll in ... I am open for suggestions.

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