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Candy Material Gummy

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Any Tips How I can approach this?


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- Make the sugar out of geometry (make 5 or so pieces then surface mode clone etc).

- Sub surface scattering most important material attribute, followed by transparency, which should be at around 50% brightness (strength).

- Blurry transparency on sugar, and (probably) jelly materials too. Will ramp render time a lot but is required for look.

-  Colour channel should be a muted version of the SSS colour. OR try colour with transparency absorption colour alone ( in which case colour channel may not be needed).

- Use simple noise-driven displacer with subtle settings to add variation to your jelly model(s). Use World space noise, and apply to whole cloner to get individual variation 'per sweet'. That way you only need one model.

- Make sure the scene has omni lights behind the sweets to bring out the inner glow. 



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