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Attaching objct 2 deforming mesh XPRESSO


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I've attached a null to a specific point on a deforming mesh with a small Xpresso network.  It works fine on frame zero  (by changing the point index I can place it anywhere on the mesh), but does not respond to bone deformation nor even moving the root/parent of the mesh.


The order seems to be correct: it's after the mesh it is attached to, but something is obviously incorrect.

Annotation 2019-11-27 131533.png

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BINGO!  That just got me a LOT closer.  There's still a weird lag (perhaps due to subd), but I'll figure it out....or be back soon.  😢😭👍



(ignore the 'spoilers', I couldn't figure out how to delete them.....)





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Huh, I meant to send the above hours ago.  Anyway....

So, in the scene in question I still haven't got it to work.  So I built a simpler test scene, attached.  I'll wrap this up because I've noticed "one topic per post" works better, but I'll subsequently post the problem scene.

Attached here is a simple test scene for noobs like me who are trying to attach an object to a mesh, specifically because I spent quite a while today looking at videos and they often were about attaching to joints, or dynamic parenting, etc.  Anything but to a mesh.  This one works, and uses Voytech's tip on checking the "Use Deformed Points" in the Point node attribute manager.  The secret sauce is in the Xpresso tag.  Enjoy.

EXP-Attach to deformer.c4d

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2 hours ago, Havealot said:

Rule of thumb: If you press 'a' to trigger a refresh nothing should change/move 

That's a good tip, thanks.

Given that lag is probably unavoidable, is it possible to make a wireframe or low-rezzy type preview that only compiles its frames after all evaluations are complete?  One step up from the viewport, specifically to evaluate animation without viewport lagging issues?

(I figured this might be evaluation-lag, and would not show up in rendered versions.  Playing with the priority settings didn't seem to affect viewport lag.)

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Not sure I get what you are proposing. If the priority settings don't cut it you could try caching/baking parts of your scene (e.g. Alembic). It's a bit of a brute force approach but if you have a lag of one frame on your attached object you can bake it out to alembic and bring it back in. Since R20 or R21 there is a convenience command (RMB on object in Object Manager) that creates an alembic of the selected object and imports it for you. Alembic generators have an offset parameter that you can use to fix the lag. 

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