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Python tag freezes Cinema


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I wonder, how this code could do it to Cinema, but the fact is - it immediately freezes program, memory consumption jumps to 3.5, than bounces to 4.9 back and forth consuming 100% of one core.

What am I doing wrong? The only thing I try to do is to store the influence data for each clone 2019-11-30_09-34-25.thumb.png.ec87e6d9c9d022d4f45ee85b20f037b9.png

I changed it slightly but the same thing happens.


Where am I so wrong?

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Your while loop never exits. The condition does not change; neither i nor cloneCount are progressing.


Also, check what your types are. For val you divide an integer by another integer. That is employing a floor division resulting in 0 for all clone counts > 1.


Also, you may want to check cloneCount for 0 before dividing.


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