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Make Axis on Character Zero Point

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Hey guys,

I modeled a character, imported it to Mixamo, then readded it to C4D and combined a "T-pose" with another animated pose. Then moved the character to Marvelous Designer to dress it. The problem is the ground in the MD document (level 0) is on the character's knees. The axis in C4D of the Null object is the same place but when i try to move it to point 0 the whole character moves.


This is an example of what i mean


I'm not able to dress the character because its not all of it above the ground, and everytime i try to move the Axis of the null to the 0 point the whole character moves as in the video above. 


How can i fix this?



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The workflow is to zero your character in world space then open the Axis Centre and move the Y axis slider to -100 and apply.  This put the handles at the feet.  Now zero out the Y axis. The character is now on the floor.  Then you proceed to export for MD, or Mixamo.



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I tried it but the problem is the character layer is an animation and from Mixamo they seem to get ruined whenever i play with the coordinates (probably because there are coordinate keyframes in the animation itself). This is why i put them in a Null and try to control the Null instead. 


Check this image, i fixed the coordinates of the character layer and its looking like this now. I also selected both layers, the "Rig" and Character "Null.1"and tried it and it also ruined the thing..


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Ahh you didnt mentioned your using motion clips, that changes things.  You need to add a Pivot object from the motion clip settings, this will let you move the character without effecting the animation.  You can also add one from the animation menu.



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