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Hair Sim Guide/Hair Count Problem

Marc Trzepla

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I have a hair sim, and my Guide and Hair Count values keep changing from -my- values to some much lower, seemingly random values that I then cannot change -back- to my original numbers.


Example - I wanted 1000 Guides .. successfully entered 1000 ..  later came back to hair settings and the Guide Count is now at 9.  I then cannot type in a number larger than 9 and the spinner doesn't allow me to go higher than 9.


Workarounds have included making a new Hair simulation and re-entering my values from scratch.   But at some point the Guide / Hair Count values change again - always different numbers, too.


Anyone else ever experience / fix this?  Had this in R20.  It still does the same thing in R21.








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The hair count should not change unless you either set a key frame down or you changed the link or have nothing in the link for guides.  Upload the file to me and Il check it out.  If its a commercial private file you can send it to my email. or strip the scene down ( contact at daniel-ripley dot co dot uk)



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