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Discrepancy with IRR and Picture Viewer

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Hello all!

I was working through Lirona's Siggraph tutorial and have been making all my adjustments in the IRR - when I finally go to export, I noticed that my picture viewer's color representation was a lot duller than what I had been working with. I tried upping to 32-bit channel depth and turned off multi-pass within my standard renderer. I'm imagining there's got to be something that I'm missing! Thank you!!


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Welcome to the cafe 🙂


Please use the cafe's own image upload system rather than embedding from external links.


All images are 32 bit in the Picture Viewer, it is only saving them out where you can choose a lower bit depth. The IRR is not actually a full render - it is very similar, but optimized for speed, and doesn't necessarily match the full render exactly. Do you find that a full render in the viewport is the same as the PV equivalent or is there a difference there too ?


If you upload the scene file we can explore in further detail. A link to the tut would be helpful too.



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