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CINEMA 4D R21.1 Service Pack


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Hi folks 🙂


Service pack for R21 has just been released. It includes ability to create Redshift materials via native node system and native support for noises.

Aside to that there are many fixes and overall stability improvements




Full list of fixes




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Let's hope this fixes my random crashing issues.

The worst part about those isn't the crashes themselves but that I cannot start C4D again unless I sign off my windows user account and sign in again or do a complete reboot. I've switched back to R20 for this reason for the time being.



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Have you sent a crash report to MAXON? (ping me on pm with details if not)


For second issue check your task manager if the C4D process is hanging. If so, kill the process and you will be able to start it again without logging out.

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54 minutes ago, willemzwaan said:

Yah!! Does this mean Redshift 3 is officially released? I only see version 2.6.5 on the download page. 

There is experimental build on their page, but I am not sure are you having access to it!

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1 hour ago, MikeA said:

Guys - with the R21.1 I can no longer get contextual help - eg: right clicking on an object / tool etc and selecting 'show help' no longer works.

Is it just me?


Hey Mike,


It's working here. What exactly is happening for you - does it not open a window at all, or not navigate to the context specific information?

Is Online Content enabled in the prefs and is the computer online?

Is External Browser enabled or disabled? If External Browser is enabled which browser?

What OS are you running?

If you change the Online Content or External Browser options does it work as you expect?

Please test with a generic parameter like Cube.Size.X so we can confirm if this is a global issue or limited to specific pararmeters.





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Thanks for the follow up. First things first - thanks for listening to us and responding on this!

System: Windows 10 Pro, Version: 10.0.18363 Build 18363
C4D: R21.115

C4D prefs are:
Online Content: on
External Browser: on

I've got a new scene, dropped a cube in, right clicked on cube and selected 'show help...". I don't get any browser launch (using Chrome as default). 

Repeating above right click with Prefs: External Browser: off still results in no action.

I've tried this with various parametric object parameters, tool parameters etc - same situation, so it appears to be a 'global' problem at this point.

I can launch the internal help window directly using the direct menu : Help > Show help. This also launches my default browser if prefs: External Browser is on.


Are there any other C4D prefs / settings that could affect this?  

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...and a follow up:


Just powered up 21.115 on my Windows laptop - with exactly the same results.

That's running a slightly different version of Windows  - Win 10 Home, 10.0.17763


In the C:\Program Files\MAXON Cinema 4D R21\help\ directory I've just got a html redirect file - is that correct?


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Yes, there should be only redirect file


Please try:


- Deleting your prefs

- Disabling any Anti Virus if you have one

- Setting other browser as default one


EDIT : Please also try removing your plugins

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