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render farm reccomendations?

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I've been using zync for a while now but have grown frustrated at its inability to play nice with windows.  Windows doesn't like to download its plugin, run its plugin, swears it is a piece of malicious software.  

I'm looking for a plug in solution to render the occasional set of stills, no animation.  There are times when I have a lot of work to do + rendering jobs and it was nice to out put my ten or so takes to a bigger machine and get back renders in about an hour.  This was usually on their ~96 core machines.  


Can anyone recommend a service for this type of work?  I see a few advertised on this site, but I don't really know the pros and cons of what I'm seeing...

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In my company we use https://garagefarm.net/

They have 24/7 online help. They support Arnold, Corona, V-Ray and native renderers.

Plugins: X-Particle, Turbulence FD, Real Flow, Greyscalegorilla.

To start with, you get $ 25 and a limited number of nodes.

Then the number of nodes depending on the selected priority.

We are satisfied.

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