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Convert poly selection to edge selection

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I'm trying to convert polygons to edges. Can someone tell me how to get edge id's?


import c4d
from c4d import utils

def main():
    nbr = utils.Neighbor()
    edges = c4d.BaseSelect()

    poly_count = op.GetPolygonCount()
    sel_polys = op.GetPolygonS()
    list_polys = sel_polys.GetAll(poly_count)
    for i in xrange(poly_count):
        if list_polys[i]:
            print "Poly at index %i is selected." % (i)

    op.SetSelectedEdges(nbr, edges, c4d.EDGESELECTIONTYPE_SELECTION)

if __name__=='__main__':


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Is this more of a practice on how to accomplish this?
Otherwise I'd suggest the use of the Convert Selection command.This can also be used via Python (MCOMMAND_CONVERTSELECTION) with SendModelingCommand().

By the way, are you aware of Plugin Café? There MAXON pays a team to answer questions like these and often the answer can already be found there right away.

Having said this, we (sorry, I didn't mean to MoClone myself, I was thinking of the community of this forum) could certainly also talk you through this here. The thing is, C4D doesn't really know the concept of an edge, there are only points/vertices and polygons. Edges are implicitly defined due to the order of points which form a polygon. The Neighbor class you are already using provides some helpers to make this a little easier. Yet, it's no one liner. Actually the docs of the Neighbor class already contain roughly the code you need in the description of GetPolygonInfo(). So, if this is more a learning thing, I'd suggest to start there.




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