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r21 - hotkeys stop working in Timeline

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I was hoping new update will fix that, but nope. Hotkeys are randomly stopping working in Timeline, like it's window isn't activated, so I press "spacebar" and the tool switches to previous one instead of animation playing. Going back to main window and to timeline back sometimes helps, but it's all random. Very disturbing bag I have to say, fix it ASAP please

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Hi Intenditore! can you please provide more infos:
Dual Monitor ?:
Graphic Card and driver version?
if possible a screen recording can also be very helpful to us.

Here its working as expected to me but im using one monitor only and its a notebook.
I will try to trigger it in my desktop on monday.
usually the space bar is sensitive to Powerslider, Timeline and Viewport
with active viewport it will toogle your between the lastest two tools.
with power slider or timeline it will play the timeline and stop the timeline.

You can also try to disable Mouse Move Activation in preferences and see how it behaves to you.
I hope you can trigger it again, solid reproduction steps are very helpful and they allow us to react quickly.

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  • I do doubt these things might affect how it works. I have Windows, 1080p, one external monitor.

    I tackled different settings but nothing changes. The problem is intermittent and I can't specify why it happens. But it happens every session

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  • Today I just went crazy over this issue. It's very, very disturbing!

    More than that I discovered more problems. I worked on the relatively heavy scene using Shift+Q/Shift+S (quantize/snap) shortcuts. And they worked only intermittently - once they do once they don't. 
    Sometimes when I switched between move/scale/rotate keys it switches for a blink of an eye and then goes back immediately to previous one.
    When Drag+Click over the column of "dots" for animated parameters to set the keys it's so sluggish it misses one or more "dots" and I have to manually click it to set the key.

    Something is wrong!..

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  • Nobody else experiences this?

    I'm tired of that

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