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Help modeling this shape

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Welcome to the cafe 🙂


I think you can possibly make this with 2 splines under a sweep. The path spline would be a circle, but the top profile spline will take some experimentation by you to find the correct form because I am not able to see from that picture alone exactly what that needs to be. But this is what happens if you sweep a star spline along the circle for example, with 360 degrees of rotation along its length, which you can set in the sweep detail parameters.




I realise of course that this profile spline is not correct, and that it is very difficult to achieve a perfectly round centre without manually adjusting points (this one is still parametric), but hopefully this shows you how to get a continuous swept form with rotation, which I believe is the general effect you are aiming for. The setup for that looks like this...




Someone else may be able to jump in with some suggestions for other methods, and I will be as interested as you to see what they are 🙂



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