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Render Queue from Multiple Machines

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Did see a better place to post this, so here it goes. We like using the Render Queue when doing animations since it really puts the rendering in the background so you can keep working. The question I have is let's same computer A sends two jobs to their render queue and they're both using Team Render. Now, computer B also has some jobs to render and they too send it to their Render Queue and utilize Team Render. Both workstations' Team Render are using the same Render Clients. How does C4D handle these jobs? When the first computer (A) finishes all their jobs, it will allow computer B to render its jobs? I can't test it myself right now, since their is a job rendering which should go another 6 hours. 

Right now, to be safe, if another computer already has a queue running, I'll go onto THAT computer and add my jobs to that queue.

Any clue on this?

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