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Viewport Click + 1 Moving Slowly

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hey guys,


when working with specific documents that have quite a bit of objects on them, it's very difficult to navigate the viewport left and right using Click + 1. It literally moves 1 cm from right to left or vice versa, like it's really heavy. Or another scenario: if i zoom into the scene, it zooms in at a normal speed then at a certain point it becomes very very slow and starts moving at a very slow ratio, like I have to turn the middle click of my mouse multiple times for it to zoom a very small amount.


The Alt + Click tab and Click + 2 and Click + 3 are moving normally but Click + 1 is super slow and making the document hard to move around.


If i open a "New" project file it moves at a normal speed, so the issue is in that document..


Any idea what should I check in order to fix this?



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Whats weird is that in certain situations it becomes too slow but in most other its very normal. So the same document/scene works normally in terms of speed, but it becomes slow after zooming in for example and starting to move with Click + 1. Maybe if i decrease a certain world value or something in the Project Settings that would get fixed? Cause im working on relatively a very small scale so maybe that's whats making the Zooming difficult after a certain point?

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2 hours ago, AlexisB said:

Cause im working on relatively a very small scale so maybe that's whats making the Zooming difficult after a certain point?

Are you having issue with camera clipping too?

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2 hours ago, Cerbera said:

Well, we haven't got the scene, so it's obviously just guesswork until we can see exactly what is slowing it down...



thats the scene, https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b5fba217482ffb3de5b53b24ae9a3ce120191210172449/f121e1 

it's 85 MB this is why didnt share it initially..notice how after zooming in it reaches a point and becomes extremely slow, or try Click + 1


1 hour ago, Igor said:

Are you having issue with camera clipping too?

Not that im aware of, no...

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I am having no problems at all with that scene, either moving about in the viewport or zooming. And I have a really rubbish graphics card !

What are your system specs ?


Or maybe it has to do with Octane, which I don't have, so can't test. Is that eating up all your display resources ?



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