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Render hangs at the end frames?

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Dear All,


I have a Team render in which a character talking using blend shapes, simple uv textures, basic lighting and render settings. It is a bit long being 4500 frames. It renders very quick for like 90% of it then it hangs. 

I stopped the render then restarted it.  Are  there any tip to stop this from happening? Kind of frustrating not sure if I should just patch the frames of wait. 🙁




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Its really hard to say like this. We need at least a scene file to try to investigate the cause. Not having a farm myself it will be hard to even find something. But you can report this to Maxon and we will take care of it. Just make sure you have sent the files!

| MAXON Quality Assurance Specialist | 3D Asset Creator | C4D Cafe Manager |

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