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Volume Builder Speed

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Just started looking into using Volume Builders for very simple object and cannot believe that they are slow to handle even when using simple parametric objects… It seems to require a lot of memory and when closing files takes an age while C4D clears all the memory. Anyone know of speedups?

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Cache layers can help and of course you should only use a voxels size that is not smaller than you actually need.

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Hi GaryAbrehart,


The Volume Builder is converting your mesh into a volume data structure that is cubic in memory consumption and complexity. So lowering the voxel size by half will slow it down by a factor of  2^3 = 8. You should find the correct use cases for it because this condition can limit it for some things that it seems to be useful for, but practically isn't. If you feel like you need a very low voxel size, then it might not be the correct tool for your task. As soon as the objects were converted to a volume, it doesn't matter for the rest of the operations how complex the input object was. The conversion is most of the time a smaller part of the complete computation time. Most parts of the Volume workflow are parallelized so a high core count CPU with enough memory help a lot. This is without question a tool that needs the right hardware to work productively with.




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