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Select similar edges on my object

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Is there a way to do this:

I'm in edge mode, I make a loop selection of a series of edges, and then I ask cinema 4D to select all the same selections on my object?



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What are the same selections? What makes them identical?


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From this screenshot I can only guess, that you mean similarity topology-wise.
I could imagine thousands of other similarity criteria:
* Similar length of edges or entire loop

* Similar orientation of loop

* All edges in a similar region of space

* All edges with a similar direction in space

* All edges belonging to polys with the same material

* For closed loops, all loops with a similar "surface" (area bounded by the edges)

* ...

* or a combination of all of the above


I'm pretty sure, without you taking the time to describe the problem precisely, it will be hard to get help.

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    Thank you for your answer.
    Yes indeed, I was wondering if there was a solution to make this type of advanced selection, maybe a plugin?

    I need to select all these parts but only 1 edge loop, not 5, out since I added a bevel, cinema 4D prevents me from selecting only 1 loop and offers to select 5 loops ...


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    Stephane, if I am correct, unfortunately there is no easy solution to this, you will have to select manually these edges!!

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    Can you upload the scene?

    To be honest I still haven't fully understood, but I'd take a look, if there's a generic scripting solution.

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    Daniel post time ago plugin named RingLoop for this kind of selections...


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