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Vladislav Yordanov

Rounded 15-sided n-gon in Cinema 4D

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I've been struggling for 2 hours now to create this rounded 15-sided n-gon inside Cinema 4D, without just importing the vector path and using Extrude or Loft, because it messes up the geometry.

So I used the plugin Archimedes to find out exactly what triangles I need to create so they can be 15 and rotated exactly at 24° (because 360/15=24) but now I'm struggling with the roundness of the object.

Here's my brief visual explanation: https://i.imgur.com/K6CXlku.jpg

Initial plan was using triangles and then Subdividing them but the Subdivision is working in a different way and it seems it can't do the job.

So I'm trying now with circles or semicircles but I can't do the math right.

Help 😄

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The subdivision is not to blame here 😉 In fact I don't know why you are trying to use Subdivision this way. The optimal way to make that target shape is not via pointy lower res geo and subdivision, or with ngons of any description - SDS wants quads to work predictably. But do we need SDS at all ?


We don't need any maths either. Why not just make 1 'petal' segment (from a 15 sided disc primitive then delete all but 1 segment), and then insert enough loops into it so you can describe the perfect 'petal' curve yourself, then array that with 14 copies to give you the perfect form like so...





I divided each 'petal' into 6 so I could describe the outer curve, but you could use more segments if you need better rounding without SDS. 


So this is about the minimum geo I need to describe that shape without the subdivision. But we can still use SDS Object if we want, but then we'd need to ideally quadify it first, like so... note I have down-stepped the loops from 6 to 2 to 1 so we keep our polygon density even.




I also added some selective SDS edge weighting, to get those razor sharp corners between petals under SDS without the bother of higher segmentation or control loops...


Anyway, now that just goes under a connect (which welds the array together), and SDS and you're done...

Oh, and in my quest for quad excellence, I might have re-patched the centre to lose the one remaining complex pole... this is now  approaching what we could reasonably call perfect / ideal topology.





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    Wow, thanks so much for the detailed explanation.


    I knew that my approach was wrong. I’m not blaming the SDS in any way I was just expecting too much from a badly made shape.


    I will try this out tomorrow and write back if I struggle somewhere.


    Thanks again!

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