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C4D to AE - 3d position data problem


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Okay, the headline is I'm trying to get the 3-D position of a null into After Effects from C4D. I need the position of the null so that I can composite an image on the front of the flattened cube shown in my image, marked with a red circle.


Easy, right? Save the C4D file, open AE, import the file, use Cineware to extract the 3-D scene data and camera. Done.


Except, not done.


The null called 'Pic' is keyframed to jump out towards the camera and spin, and to get the springy motion, I put the cube in a Fracture object and then used a Delay effector. And this is where I think the problem is. I think Cineware is not reading the correct position of the cube (see my image from AE and how the null is mismatched, there is no rotation at all in AE) but is somehow reading some underlying position data that I can't quite get my head around. 


I've tried various things, like putting everything into a separate null ('NullPic') and keyframing that. I've tried baking, and bake to Alembic (even though I really don't properly know what that is), but nothing seems to work.


Any thoughts gratefully received.



Screenshot 2019-12-14 at 13.16.24.png

Screenshot 2019-12-14 at 12.56.26.png

Screenshot 2019-12-14 at 13.15.33.png

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Hey Antony,


In my experience mograph clones don't transfer to AE/Cineware well.  Others swear it works and I've even seen it mentioned in conference presentations where the presenter refers to it as a working part of the workflow, but alas, I've never gotten it to work (even in the old .aep project file workflow).


There is a workaround though.  Per Ander's Mograph to Nulls rig allows you to transfer mograph data to a set of nulls.  These nulls do transfer well into 3D via Cineware.  It was originally written with COFFEE, but some kind soul has updated it to use python AND posted it online for others... unlike me, who just updated it and didn't post it (cuz I'm lazy, not selfish lol).



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