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The New Corona 3 Hair Material

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Here I am,  experimenting with using the new Corona 3 Hair Material in a simple trial project.    I say "new",    even though Corona 3 has been out for a while,    to distinguish it from earlier  releases of Corona,    where C4D Hair could be rendered only via a slightly tedious workaround of setting C4D Hair to "geometry".

Anyway--   the most recent Corona 3 includes its own proprietary  Hair Material.    It's intended to be used in conjunction (in parallel) with the native C4D Hair shader.      The C4D shader provides the procedural modeling tweaks (like Curl,  Wave,  Frizz,  Displace,  etc.)     while the Corona 3 Shader is what you use to give the hair its Color particulars.     It's kinda interesting the way the Corona Hair shader takes the scientific approach to hair color:    instead of dialing in your own random colors,    Corona takes the model of how real-life human hair is colored by melanin and pheomelanin:    a little bit of melanin gives you blonde hair,  and a lot of melanin gives you brown-to-black.     The Pheomelanin adds in reddish tones,  just as in real human hair.

Have any of you experimented with the Corona 3 hair shader?   I am very surprised that official Corona documentation is VERY VERY sketchy on how to use it,    and it also appears that no-one has yet made a Help Video tutorial specifically for Corona Hair within C4D.      The result being that the end user must resort to loads of independent trial-and-error experiments,  stabbing in the dark,  in order to make any sense at all of the Corona 3 hair shader. 

Your thoughts,  comments,  observations?

best,  Ras


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Hi, i don't use corona or realistic hair myself, but i can comment on what i can see. The top of the head sims like very short hairs almost like animal fur, and further down near the face it is smother and shiny almost like silk.

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I dont use Corona  however you need to build up the layers of hair with clumping, frizz, and thickness as the main things to start with.  I like to use the curve in reverse for frizz so that the fizz is more at the roots.  Thickness wise again the curve needs to start lower at the roots, go thicker, then goes off think toward the tips.  Its not easy to create hair.  




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@rasputin I am a Corona user and can tell you it's amazing. I haven't done too much with hair lately since most cars don't usually have hair. haha You mention "Corona 3 Hair Material" several times. Is that the actual Corona HAIR version, or are you saying the render engine version? I ask only because it's up to version 5 now and many things have improved since v3.


The only issues I have with them is how long it's taking them to finish all the tutorials, materials pack and finish promised features and major fixes. There are still a bunch of Mograph issues and some motion blur problems, weird Team Render behavior and material problems. Aside from that, it's such a good render engine and it's all CPU so it works on almost any computer. At home, I use it with a very old 2008 Mac Pro tower running OS 10.11. Of course it's not as fast as a Threadripper, but I get work done.

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