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Loop Character Animation w/ Xpresso?


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I am almost totally new to C4D. I found this free Orca whale rig that I want to cleanly loop and use in one of my animations, but I have no idea how to go about it. It is rigged and is animated to swim and I figure it has something to do with Xpresso's range editor on Main_con+ but it's not totally clear to me how to get it to loop. This is for a personal project; I'm still learning.


Thanks in advance

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Since it´s driven by xpresso/time node, it´s simply endless loop while is played in timeline. So, it doesn´t matter if your animation is 150 or 1500 frames long...

If you select object "Master con+", in Controls tab you can adjust few parameters of fish rig...

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It's not the kind of animation that can be made into a loop. Although the head is driven by a sine node (itself a looping function), the rest of the body reacts dynamically. The start position is never repeated.


+1 to Turbosquid for the nice free model.

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Just like a music file or a walk cycle, just find the in and out points of one complete cycle and you've got a loop. Granted, the dynamics will be the same, but that's what a loop is right?


I realize this might not be a new-to-C4D-choice, but what about utilizing the Motion Clip system? Once you determine the loop and it plays smoothly, you can extend it as long as you need.

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