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Multiple Textures: Adding transparency.

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Lets say I have three boxes:


Goal: Overlay a red line through all of these boxes while keeping the boxes original colors. Ultimate project goal is to simulate an electric current traveling from the bottom > top > bottom of several objects. Since I have no idea how to do that stylistically, I am satisfied with a line for now. 


Actions taken: 

  • Went to "Create > shader > c4doctane > new material", "opacity > texture > gradient" to create this:



Solution Attempt 1: 

  • Placed this new transparent material to the "GROUP" object. It did not work.


Solution Attempt 2:

  • Selected "CUBE A, CUBE B, CUBE C" > "Connect Objects + Delete" > and placed transparent material to this new object. It did not work.


Solution Attempt 3:

  • Applied transparent material individually over each object. While the original colors did display (progress) this line appeared as three separate lines around each box individually. I want a single line to surround all three boxes as if it were a single object. 


Once more: The goal with this is to have a single line travel all the way around these three cubes while retaining the original material type underneath it


I've attached the file below complete with each of these solution attempts. Hopefully I made this easy enough to understand, if you have any questions please let me know.


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There´s a way with aimation of material tag. In attached example is just animated Y position of material tag (also ones with tiled and rotated).

What is important to say, when you need to have single material be aligned on all objects, it´s needed to have aligned axis of all objects.

So, select all cubes (one by one) and set axis to zero world coordinates. When all of object will have the same axis position, you can animate position of gradient material on just single object and then copy tag itself on all other objects.




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