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Hmmm...So MAXON (a 3D company) buys a major plugin vendor for Adobe products (essentially a 2D company).  This is odd and I don't see what it gains both companies. 


Now, Red Giant has a annual subscription model of everything for $600 ($50/month).  I really don't see their products being part of the MAXON C4D subscription package for the current price - but my hope is that it is part of MAXON moving in the Creative Cloud direction.  Hey....if $60/month got me C4D, Red Giant and Redshift, then that is starting to be attractive.  But if it just adds another $50 to their subscription program (like Redshift did), then that is a far cry from Creative Clouds value.


I hope we get more an announcement - other than "Hi.  We are merging with Red Giant.  Merry Christmas" - that goes into "why?".  It would be nice if someone could paint a vision of the synergies of these two companies and how they work together for the benefit of the user.  Just cause they all get along at trade shows and drink the same beer is not a compelling reason.



Sorry...but I simply do not have enough faith to be an atheist.

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