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Team Render and R21

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hey everyone, 


Super new to C4D and loving it. I am using this for pre visualization in the entertainment industry (corporate/concert/meetings)


I have seen other posts in regards to this but I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.  


If i want to setup an in house farm, I don't have complete licenses on the farm computers...just team render? I currently have one full license but want to make sure I don't need a full license per farm computer...because that is all the computer would be used for...processing power.

If there is place you can direct me where this has already been answered I would sincerely appreciate it. 


- Jeff

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1 full license of R21 allows for 5 team render clients on the same network. I can't remember exactly if you need to release the license from the main machine in order to install on the render clients. I remote desktop between the main machine and my 2 team renders so releasing the license is easy. Team render I think is included in the main install. I think I just went through the normal install for each machine which includes a team render shortcut. Then you need to verify/configure the team render with port number / password so they can talk to each other. 

When using C4D on your main machine and want to render out to the clients, you just start up the team client and not the main C4d on each of the machines.

There's a team render machines drop-down from the render that will show green icon against each of the team renders when they're available.

If you update the main machine C4d version then you'll also need to update the  C4d versions of each of the team renders so they're all on same version.


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This goes through the later steps after the machines can see each other on the same network and have clients installed already



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yes with on license of c4d come additional 5 client licenses (have been unlimited in the past just changed that in r21) and there comes one team render server license.

Install the clients on up to 5 machines, then you can access them with your c4d directly to team render (many frames) or for distributed rendering (one frame). You can also use batch rendering to render several sceenes. 

For animations I prefer to install the server and connect the clients to it. The server has a watch folder where you save your projects with assets into. then you can start them via a browser UI. Be aware, that everything in Team render is unstable and might not work as intended. It is a very un-MAXON-like part of the software.

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I hope Team Render stability is improved and people are reporting bugs/problems.  I haven't used it yet, but plan to soon and will see I guess how it works for me.

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