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Saved Dual Screen Layouts Broken

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Mac OS
SwitchResX for monitor contorl

So my Saved Dual Screen Layouts always opens on a single screen.

I have the main app window on Left and a second with Rendering / Materials / Content browser etc in a second window on the right.  Even if I save it it opens with the second window overlaid.  

Possibly related is if I group expand anything in the seconds right hand window.... it fill the LEFT hand screen.  

Anyone have any ideas why?  It never used to have in R20.

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I had the same problem in versions up to R20. The only solution found is that the window on the new screen does not fill the entire screen. I've always done so to leave a few pixels at the margin. Then, after restarting the layout, the second window opened on the second monitor. Why is this happening - I don't know. The solution I have described does not bother you at work.

Because R21 has rebuilt interfjes, I have reconfigured my layouts for this version. Here I have not noticed the problem from previous versions.

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