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Creating Stitch effect

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Hi y'all,

I'm trying to clone capsules onto splines for a stitch effect (like the brim on a baseball hat)

I can connect all + delete to make all the splines into one spline then use clone to object, but I'm having a difficult time getting the spacing of the capsules right.

The smaller the spline the more condensed the points are the closer the capsules are.

Ideally I want all the capsule to have all the same amount of spacing on all the splines.


Or if anyone has created a stitch effects and would like to share. that would be very appreciative!.


Stich SC.JPG


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There are multiple ways of sorting this out.


The easiest / simplest / laziest one is just to make that path cloner editable, explode each ring into a separate spline, then use 7 cloners to clone your stitches independently along each one, using Even mode to distribute them regularly, and obviously Count give you individual count control per ring, if that makes sense...


There will no doubt be much cleverer ways too, but I am quite tired, so they're not occurring to me at the minute, but I am sure we have MG experts who can tell you those setups too in due course  🙂



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Additionally, I would consider making your stitches out of something other than capsules, which are a very polygon-inefficient shape to use for this purpose (ngon swept arcs with no caps make excellent stitches) and adding some randomness to their rotation, offset and scale in the cloners for a more realistic, less uniform look.



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    Many thanks! 

    As always, your advice worked perfectly!!

    Thanks for your response!



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