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Bendy Bones Lag / Delay


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I've recently tried to use the Bendy Arm / Leg options in Character Builder. While the rig itself came out good I quickly noticed that there are priority shift issues with regards to the bendy bones (note : this only applies to the bendy bones, the standard non bendy ones used to drive the bendy bones work fine) Every time you undo or even make a quick rotation with one of the limbs, the bendy bones appear with delay and do not settle into their proper pose until you click anywhere else in the view port. I attempted to priority shift them later down the chain using the Priority Shift tag but to no avail. I wouldn't be concerned about it if it was only a viewport problem but when rendering , the image captured per frame is also the one with the incorrect bend so not usable for production work. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and was able to hotfix it. I really like the bendy rig but can't figure this one out. 

This occurs directly when you make the bendy limbs using the character builder, it does not require any geometry at all to reproduce. I can make a video example if it would help. Big thanks ahead of time to anyone able to assist in the solve. Thank you. 

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I take it back. I just had a look at it. Indeed, there is a priority issue. 
Unfortunately, it would be an enormous task figuring how to fix the priority since its already a complicated rig. 
Fortunately, we have @BretBays here, who I believe worked on the creation Character Builder/Object, correct me if I'm wrong.



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I think it got introduced in R20. It was either directly my fault(as some changes were made in R20), or it was someone at MAXON's who did some minor re-org of it after the changes were made, which introduced a priority issue.  But I believe it's a relatively new issue. If you find the object that is lagging, it's probably the controller, which is driving the joints etc). If you were to adjust the constraint tag of the null that is driving the controller, make it like 1 number bigger, it might solve it. Otherwise ill need to crack open the file and check.

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To fix the issue in your scene just do the following:


Switch to full hierarchy display mode. 

Locate the object called: L_Forearm_Bendy_algn. Also the right side so R_etc...

The constraint tag that is on that object, set it's priority to 30 instead of 0.


If you wish to fix this going forward, crack open the adv_biped.c4d template and make the change in there. Choose Character>Character Builder>Save Character Template. Then it shouldn't be there going forward, but this could get blown away on any new update, just as an fyi

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