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Bendy Bones Lag / Delay

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1 hour ago, Gregie said:

Update: Good news is that the arms are fixed, but they seem to be offset by the spine / leg issue. Please see video example below. 

to fix the legs find the "L/R_Thigh_Bendy_targ1" null and set the priority of its constraint tag to something lower than the 25 it's set to. i set it to 15, seems to work fine.

i just guessed that though, i'm not gonna pretend i understand that rig entirely.

the issues with the arms when you move the spine i couldn't reproduce after setting the prio for the L/R_Forearm_Bendy_algn nulls to 30 like bret suggested. are you sure you didn't change anything else as well?


btw, welcome to the wonderful world of c4d priorities, fix one, break another, what's not to love? 😄


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What Everfresh said. I think you can just do it to 24. They're both set to 25, but their insertion is the problem. technically, it just needs to be above the bendy arm controller, but since that's not as easy to fix, just set it to 24

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  • 1 month later...

Glad i found this thread. 


 I was sure it had to do with priorities, but I couldn't figure out wich ones!

On R20 it seems to work fine, althought there is no B-Spline < - > Bezier attributes, so things couldn't be the same. 


Thanks for all the answers. 

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  • 3 months later...

Yeah it was a newer feature for R21 I think. After I sent it to MAXON I think it got mucked with a bit(Or it could be entirely my fault I don't remember) and it introduced this priority problem. 

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