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What's the proper word for this thing?

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Hey guys,

I'm wondering:    Is there a proper 3D word for this thing,  this phenomenon,  on any 3D mesh?    That is,    where your polys converge on one point of a curved mesh?     (Usually,   UV-wise,   you don't  want to see your texturing converge at one of these points,   hence the workaround of the Triplanar UV distribution).


Thanks,  ras

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That, my friend, is a pole, specifically a complex pole which means that a single point has more than 5 edges converging on it; in this case many more !


Why do our primitives make / use them ? Because they most accurately give a properly spherical shape, and a lot of the spherically derived forms people try and make require that polar layout where the edge flow makes sense for their models - think eyeball for a good example of this.. The Hexasphere, which doesn't have a poles problem, being as it is a rounded cube essentially, might be much superior from a topological point of view in that it has no poles, but actually it isn't as perfectly round as either a standard sphere or an icosa sphere ! That is why we need both options.




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Thanks so much,  cerbera!    Your erudition and counsel  here on the Cafe is a godsend.    Where can I obtain a Hexasphere,  just for visual comparison?

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