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Flattening many spline simultaneously?

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I have an object composed of many splines in a topographic map style.

The splines are not completely  flat, that is, the points comprising the splines are not all at the same Y height.

How does one flatten multiple splines all on their own individual levels?


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Huh.  I thought there would be a way to have each one Scale on it's own bounding box axis/center.  

Similarly, is there no way to rotate, for example, 3 cubes that are in a line, each individually around their own physical (bounding box) center?

There's roughly ~60 or so, so iterating thru them by hand would be a PITA.

(OABTW, notifications don't seem to be working....)

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11 minutes ago, jericsynrgy said:

Huh.  I thought there would be a way to have each one Scale on it's own bounding box axis/center.  


Oh wait I slightly misunderstood you there. There IS a way to do that all at once - in the scale tool, with all splines selected toggle this bit on and try scaling...




Will delete my original reply which no longer applies...



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I made a test file and it worked as I hoped, but not the original geometry BECAUSE:

I think the issue is these splines are "exploded" from an original single spline, and although they are all individual objects the pivot point is still at the same place as the original, singular spline, iow the pivot point is not centered on the geometry itself.

So, what I actually "need"  (this is just for learning) is a script that would, say, iterate through all the selected objects and place each object's pivot point at the midpoint of the geometry of that object, ie the vertices.

....which is "Mesh/Axis Center/Center Axis to", and Buddha be praised, it works on each selected object separately.   No script iteration required.

FlatTest.c4d FlatFail.c4d

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